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Counterpoint: Steve Trevor Didn’t Lie About His Dick Size in ‘Wonder Woman’

There’s a scene in the new Wonder Woman film where the wondrous titular character (played by Gal Gadot) stumbles upon Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) bathing in a warm pool of water, and comments on the size of his junk.

Having never seen a man before — let alone a naked one — Diana (aka Wonder Woman) asks Trevor if his dick is standard for men of his kind. Trevor replies that he’s “above average,” and now certain Gizmodo bloggers are speculating that Trevor lied about the size of dick, arguing that no man with an above-average manhood would be able to hold the entirety of said cock-n-balls in just one bare hand.

To that I say: shrinkage. A penis, when immersed in a body of water, almost always shrinks to a smaller size—like gas expanding to fit the size of its container, except the opposite.

A Short Explanation of Shrinkage

“But the water was warm!” you scream. “There was steam coming off it and everything!”

First, chill on the exclamation points. Second, penis shrinkage occurs in warm water, too, albeit to a lesser extent.

When you’re wet, water evaporates from your skin, absorbing heat away from your body and reducing your skin temperature. It’s why you feel a chill standing in front of a fan after a shower, even a hot one. This chill then makes your dick shrink (presuming you have one). Q.E.D.

Now, this doesn’t prove Trevor has a big ol’ dong. Men exaggerate their penis size all the time, and seeing as Diana has never seen a penis before, it would be easy for Trevor to deceive her about the size of his with respect to the general male population. But there’s not much to suggest he was lying, either.

“The look on Wonder Woman’s face doesn’t suggest What a small dick,” according to fellow MEL staff writer Tracy Moore. “It’s a look of wonderment.” (Pun unintentional.)

So maybe Trevor does have an above average penis, one that caused Wonder Woman to doubletake despite having no frame of reference on the matter.