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All the Male Feels About Wonder Woman’s Armpit Hair

Some women shave their armpit hair, and some women do not shave their armpit hair. The new Wonder Woman trailer reveals that Wonder Woman is a pit-shaver, which is certainly her prerogative, but also mildly curious given the fact that she grew up on an island of all women without access to fashion magazines or the website Reddit. Women debated whether this made sense, which is not surprising because they are the majority of people in the world who must wrestle with the choice of shaving or not shaving their body hair. But men wanted to let us know how they felt, too.

It’s not just that in the trailer you can see Wonder Woman’s hairless pits; it’s also that they are post-production bleached into Barbie levels of smoothness.

And ‘round the internet, male takes flowed forth like unshaven pit hair over 1) whether or not it makes sense for Wonder Woman to shave and 2) whether it’s even okay for women to care about the issue at all, especially as it relates to a comic book character.

Some men wished she did have the pit hair:

Some men thought the whole discussion was just silly:

Some men felt very strongly about anyone complaining about those clean-shaven pits:

Some men felt the argument that shaved pits are unrealistic for an Amazonian superhero was a weak one:

You want realistic? This guy will show you realistic:

No, THIS is realistic:

Some men felt Wonder Woman should be shaven because she needs to be a proper role model to girls:

Some men couldn’t see what all the fuss was about and would like to opt-out of existence as a result:

Some men feel that anyone who cares about this issue is a child:

Hey, Wonder Woman is a woman, isn’t she?

Some men tried to reason through it:

In the end, women will continue to shave or not to shave as they see fit for their own personal aesthetic, feminist, comfort, laziness and other concerns, but thank you, men, for your thoughts on this critical issue.