White Power Grid: The Fumbled Neo-Nazi Plot to Incite a Race War by Turning Off America’s Lights

Three young neo-Nazis recently plead guilty to domestic terrorism charges after planning to take down the national power grid in an attempt to stoke racial tensions. But at every step in their bigoted plan, their own incompetence got in the way

The Florida ‘Teacher of the Year’ Who Allegedly Assaulted a Student to Prove She’s Not Racist

A school in the Sunshine State recognized a teacher for her excellence as an educator, but just two days later, a Black student said she attacked her for posting about how she’d used the n-word in class

‘Serial Mom’ is a Maternal Mockery of America’s True Crime Obsession

John Waters irreverently lampoons the nuclear family in this dark comedy about the slasher mommy that could

Rethinking the Legacy of Christopher Dorner, the Cop-Killing Cop

Dorner became infamous for a 2013 killing spree that ended in a fatal standoff. But seven years later, his message resonates louder than anyone could have expected.