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Harmon Leon

Harmon Leon is a journalist, comedian, filmmaker and the the author of seven books. His stories have appeared in VICE, National Geographic and Wired. Check out his podcast Comedy History 101.

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The Untold Inside Story of ‘Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults,’ the Ultimate Satanic Panic Educational Video

How a cop-turned-pastor, a Christian heavy metal music video director, a gun-obsessed producer and a bikini model joined forces to unwittingly create one of the greatest cult tapes of all time

How Coronavirus Bioterrorists Are Being Prosecuted

Deliberately coughing on food in a grocery store could very well result in being charged with an act of terrorism

How a Former Cocaine Smuggler Became One of the Country’s Most Sought-After Voices in Prison Reform

In 1985, Fleet Maull was incarcerated for running a $24 million drug-smuggling ring. In the 35 years since, he’s brought mindfulness meditation to thousands.