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The SoundCloud Rapper Who Moonlights as a Public-Sex Pornhub Outlaw

Rapper and porn star YoungFella (aka FellaRunItAll aka Frederick Allen) got his local Milwaukee gas station into a legal nightmare over a sex scene by the soda machine

Small businesses get shut down all the time for all sorts of reasons: ignored regulations, code violations, tax problems, market changes, etc. It’s rare, though, for them to meet their demise because someone filmed a porn scene in the snack aisle. And yet, that’s exactly what happened to this Milwaukee gas station

The saga began in July 2018, when semi-pro porn star and SoundCloud rapper Frederick Allen, aka YoungFella, spontaneously decided to film himself having sex against the gas station’s soda machine. Obviously, that poses all sorts of public health risks. But it wasn’t public health officials who came after YoungFella. It was a wave of morality police — namely, Alderman Khalif Rainey

“Keep in mind, it was right next to the chips and across from the sunflower seeds,” Rainey reminded citizens when he first spoke out against the sex tape during a licensing committee meeting. In the video, which was posted to Pornhub (NSFW), you can see the gas station owner, Kulwant Dhillon, along with one of his employees, who’s recording the sex on his own phone, as he watches YoungFella give a girl a good time up next to the Funyuns.

The fact that Dhillon and his employee seemed to be openly condoning the production has been a major sticking point for the local politicians. As Alderwoman Milele Coggs put it, “The bad choice to allow staff to tape it — that, to me, is just as bad as not calling the police.”

Dhillon and his lawyer have claimed that the gas station owner had good reason not to call the police. As Dhillon has told the licensing committee, “[YoungFella] said, ‘If you’re going to call the police, I will shoot you and burn your gas station, too.’”

Nonetheless, the gas station’s license was officially revoked last September. In response, Kool Petroleum has filed a lawsuit against the City of Milwaukee. For now, a judge has granted a temporary injunction until that lawsuit is settled in court. 

But what about the star at the heart of this strange legal drama, YoungFella himself?

Allen has faced worse charges: In 2017, he was looking at second-degree sexual assault of a child — a Class C felony — after police spotted a 15-year-old in one of his Pornhub clips. Allen said he didn’t know the girl’s age and didn’t actually have sex with her. Charges were eventually dropped.

What does he have to say for himself today? Is he planning on helping Dhillon save his gas station? And now that the world is finally learning his name, does it bother him that it’s not because of his rhymes but for the kind of public sex videos he releases on Pornhub and that he’s been making since he was in high school? 

Not to mention, what about the hearsay swirling around the case — such as the oft-cited anecdote that not only has he smashed outside of a police station, but he also once had a threesome inside a police station… on top of a cop car. For answers to all that and more, I reached out to YoungFella for an interview.

You’re a man of multiple talents, so let’s take things one at a time. First, your music — how long have you been on the mic?
I’ve been rapping since probably 19. But I just started taking it serious like three years ago.

How would you describe your sound?
Different, unique, creative, storytelling. Basically from a mature mind. 

Who are your role models on the mic?
Cole, Meek Mill, Scarface, DMX, old Jay-Z. Like with J. Cole, I can see what he’s saying. I love that — his storytelling lines. I get that from him. He’s different, but he’s stayed the same since he been in the game. And he humble.

How do your two careers mix — like do the fans of your rap career also become fans of your porn? And do the fans of your porn become fans of your music?
I’m sure the porn outweighs the music right now. But shit, the porn really upgraded the music when I started putting samples of my music in the beginning of my videos. And now people be going to my YouTube and SoundCloud, checking me out, looking for songs. They ask me where they can get it. So yeah, it most definitely is a mixture of both. 

What do you call yourself — a porn star who’s a rapper, or a rapper who’s a porn star?
An entrepreneur tryna have multiple hustles. 

The guy who owns the gas station, is he a friend of yours?
I don’t know him like that. I just call him Dillon. That’s my spot. He owns another place that was down the street from where I used to stay. I been knowing him for years, since I was a little kid, like 13 or 14. 

You’ve shot two videos in his stores.

Has he asked you to help him with his legal troubles — not to pay for his lawyer, but maybe to testify that he had nothing to do with the production?
I mean, there’s nothing I can do. The video shows everything. I don’t know what they’d expect me to say different to help them. Plus, I’m already in Atlanta. 

How do you like the scene out there?
I like it better than my city. More to do. Better women. More relaxed. 

Have you started creating a list of place where you want to fuck in Atlanta?
Nah, I never plan where I fuck next. I just freestyle it. 

It’s always spontaneous?
Yep, I never plan nothing in my public sex videos. 

Do the girls ever have any hesitancy about fucking in public and filming it?
They a little hesitant, just off the fact that they could possibly be caught, or whatever. But once I get to the body, they let me do whatever I want, so it don’t be too hard to convince them. They dizzy off the vibe. 

Would you ever give up porn if you met the right girl, or if you met one who asked you to? Or is this your hustle, and you’re not giving up your rent money?
I wouldn’t give up my hustle for no female, but I do plan on retiring in the next two to three years if the music goes well. Right now, that’s what’s paying the bills. 

You make money off YouTube as well as Pornhub, correct?
Yes. I’ve been making money off Pornhub for like five to six years. I’ve been making money off YouTube for like two years. 

Do you use OnlyFans as well?

Do you do any custom, private camming for your superfans?
Yeah, I do all that. I was doing that during my Pornhub stages. 

And you’re still dropping videos on Pornhub regularly, too?
I try to drop at least 10 to 12 a month. But I’ve been focusing on OnlyFans lately. Because I’ve seen that there’s more money on there to be made. 

What are the differing rates between OnlyFans and Pornhub for a content creator like you?
I’m still figuring out OnlyFans. Like, at the end of January, I made $7,000 from it. On Pornhub, I had to really work up to make that kind of money. It took like five months to make that kind of money. But with OnlyFans, it seems like the growth of the audience is quicker. 

Do you have a team helping you edit the footage and make the videos, or is it all you?
Nah, it’s just me. 

Do you ever have a cameraperson, like, when you shot the sex tape of you fucking on top of a car in your backyard while on house arrest? Or did you just set up the camera in the window and go to it?
Nope, that was all me. [Laughs.] I feel like people don’t envision things how I envision things, or they don’t get the angles that I be tryna catch. So a lot of people I’ve tried to work with on the camera, they not good. They only gettin’, like, certain parts, or what they want to see. I’d just rather keep doing things by myself. 

When you’re directing yourself in a scene, is it difficult to be both performer and director, or are you used to that by now?
I practice a lot, so now I know how it’s going to go off. It’s like the same setup every time but with different angles. I got it down pat now. 

How do you find female talent? Are they neighborhood girls, or do you cast online?
I go off vibes. If I feel your vibe and your energy, and if we connect, I go off that. But I don’t just be filming with every female I meet. Like, a lot of females get too eager and thirsty, and their intentions aren’t always good. Like, if they do a video with me, all of sudden, they think they supposed to be making the same amount of money I’m making. But I’m like, “You gotta work your way up.”

You ever make videos with fans — either of your music or your porn?
Yeah, I did that before. But she didn’t know the numbers go so fast — and like, family members ended up seeing it. She wanted me to take it down.

Did you?
Yeah, I took it down. 

How embarrassed was she?
You know, some families they really be firm and have different views on that kind of stuff. 

You’re known for public fucking. How did that come about?
That’s been my thing since high school, but I just like upgraded it every time.

Did you start filming porn vids in high school?
Yep. I was filming probably since 11th grade. I was always the dude with the phone that always had videos.

Did the police harass you much in town? From what I’ve read, you lived a couple blocks from a police station and you’ve been in legal trouble for a couple years now. Did they clock you whenever they saw you on the street?
Yeah. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to leave. Too much harassment. 

Were they constantly trying to catch you fucking in public?
Nah. They just want me in the system, anyway possible.

You’ve had sex in a hospital room, shopping malls, fast-food parking lots. What’s the wildest place you’ve fucked?
The police car. 

You’ve also said that you once had a threesome at a police station, on top of a cop car. Is that true?
Yeah, it’s true. I just never released the video.

Where is somewhere you haven’t fucked that’s still on your public-sex bucket list?
A courthouse, an airplane and a museum.