Oliver Stone’s ‘The Doors’ Is an Ode to Rock ‘n’ Roll Ridiculousness

The mesmerizing, visionary, deeply silly biopic, now on Hulu, turns Jim Morrison into a mythic figure — and recalls a bygone era when rock stars were the center of the universe

How ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ Went From a Laddish Sex Anthem to a Wedding Staple

In 1980, AC/DC’s frontman died and the band’s future looked uncertain. They responded with the biggest album of their career and a smash single about screwing that’s the closest thing these bad-boy rockers ever got to writing a love song.

The Very Entertaining Doc ‘Beastie Boys Story’ Misses Adam Yauch Even More Than You Do

In this TED-Talk-like film, the surviving members look back at their band’s creative evolution. But MCA's death leaves a hole in the center they know they’ll never fill.