The Only Strength Is Empathy

Trump’s bloodthirsty tweets are no match for a grassroots movement built on compassion

Chris Hansen, Have a Seat

The ‘To Catch a Predator’ host became one of TV’s biggest stars in the early aughts by conducting on-air stings of men looking to hook up with underage victims. But in recent years, he’s attempted to outrun legal trouble of his own — while recalibrating his career for the #MeToo age

Racism, Violence and Bad Cops: Black Lives Matter Filmmakers Debate How We Can Fix Our Broken Police Departments

The directors of the acclaimed documentaries ‘The Force’ and ‘St. Louis Superman’ talk about the systemic racism still poisoning our police forces, the power of nonviolent protest and why they remain cautiously optimistic about the future

The Most Dangerous Place in America for Black People Is the Imagination of Our Neighbors

We protest because we are not safe. White America turns us into a threatening presence inside their heads — and we die because of what they imagine