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Rax King

Rax King is a James Beard Award-nominated bitch. Her work can also be found in Glamour, Catapult and Electric Literature. Look out for her monthly column Store-Bought Is Fine for hot takes about the Food Network, and her essay collection Tacky (TK).

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My Exhausting Attempt to Make the Most Elaborate Toast Sandwich Known to Man

Most of the food I cook for MEL is jokey, low-rent and, most importantly, easy. Don’t get me wrong — I love spending an afternoon…

My Day of Eating Nothing But ‘Cancelable Food’

After cooking four of the truly strange meals Twitter told me about last week, I can tell you which ones are actually deserving of their time in the limelight

My Very Unappetizing Attempt to Try Every Aphrodisiac I Could Find

If there was any truth to this famous pseudoscience, I was determined to find it — no matter how nasty the aftertaste