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The King of Huge Butt Plugs on How to Supersize Your Anal Game

Got your sights set on bigger, better things? Learn how to up your backdoor game with Pup Davey, porn’s resident giant butt-plug expert

As a species, we’re prone to pushing ourselves to our sexual limits, whether that be through marathon sessions, multiple orgasms, intense sadomasochism or any other XXX-treme endeavor.

So it makes sense that there’s such a fervent audience for porn that puts sexual orifices to the test. There’s something gratifying, electrifying and maybe even inspiring about watching someone swallow or sit on a phallus so huge that it seems physiologically impossible. The vast majority of people would probably react to that type of porn by thinking, “I could never do that,” or even, “Why would anyone want to do that?!” But for a particular kind of viewer, this porn genre instead inspires the question: “How can I learn to do that? Preferably, like, right now?”

In seeking to understand how the hell a person can go from meekly inserting one finger into their butt to riding a dildo the size of a baseball bat, I reached out to Pup Davey, a self-described twink whose remarkable porn regularly shows his ass getting stretched open by massive dildos, fucking machines and entire forearms. His oeuvre is a testament to the wonders of the human butt, not to mention it’s just really freaking hot. So I wanted to know how he got to where he’s at, in terms of anal athleticism, and how he recommends other people work up to extra-large forms of penetration.

“Ever since I was young, [anal] has been my main kink, and it’s been very much my go-to for masturbation,” he tells me. Many people in the anal gaping community — i.e., people who are into large anal penetrations and the way it makes their buttholes temporarily “gape” wide open — seem to view it this way, as a kinky fantasy rather than just a physical pursuit. This probably makes it easier to achieve; when you fetishize the very act of expanding your limits, I imagine that the discomfort involved feels less like a means to an end and more like the very thing you were seeking when you started.

Pup Davey

Indeed, for Davey, the excitement of anal extremism goes way beyond the physical. “Aside from the indescribable sensation of having something so huge up your ass, it also mentally just gives me a thrill,” he says. “It gives me a kick. It’s this idea of going bigger and bigger every time you meet a new goal.”

But how do you work your way up to Olympian levels of anal mastery the way Davey has? He has some tips to share…

1) Start Small and Slow. No doubt you know this one if you’ve ever read an article about butt stuff before, but it bears repeating. Even Davey, a literal pro, uses a small toy for a good five or 10 minutes at the start of any given session to help his sphincters relax and open up.

Arousing yourself beforehand can also be a good idea when it comes to anal, whether that be through touching your genitals, making out, watching porn or whatever else works for you. “It would be a good motivation if you’re already turned on [when you start],” he says. “But I’m not always turned on when I start. I get horny once I’m already doing it.”

2) Let Gravity Do the Work. Rather than pushing a dildo or butt plug inside himself by hand, Davey likes to sit on top of them — especially the huger ones — and lower himself down onto them gradually. “Just slowly start bouncing,” he says. “Eventually you’ll sink lower and lower, and your hole will start relaxing more.”

3) Communicate Continually. If you’re doing anal play with a partner — which Davey likes to do sometimes, because another person’s presence can help him push himself harder — it’s important that the two of you pay attention to each other and feel able to speak up or ask questions as needed. “If they wanted to, they could really hurt you. It’s something that requires a lot of trust and communication,” Davey says. “You always have to talk and even make eye contact, so that the person can see if you’re doing okay, if you can push further or not and if you need a break.”

4) Make It a Habit. When I ask Davey if he ever advises his fans, followers or friends on how to supersize their butt-plug game, his eyes light up with excitement. “There is some advice I can give that’s really helpful, and it’s helped a couple of my friends to go from a tiny little pucker to being able to get fisted in just six to eight weeks,” he tells me. 

I thought he was going to say something more standard, like to go slowly or use a lot of lube, but the actual answer surprised me. “The magic advice is: Never go into the shower without your toys,” he says. “The shower is the perfect moment for you to quickly — even just for a couple of minutes — stretch a little and work on it.”

I ask if there was any particular reason the shower would be the best place to do this — was it the steam? The water? The standing position? — and he clarifies that the most important reason to do your anal training in the shower is that it helps instill a routine. You probably shower every day, or close to it, and you can make that time into an Atomic Habits-style trigger that reminds you to do some butt stuff. “It’s kind of like going to the gym: If you want to get ripped, but you don’t put the effort in, it’s not gonna happen,” Davey says. “As soon as the toy is going in with relative ease, then it’s time to size up. And if you do this, you’ll see fast results. But the key is that you practice multiple times a week.”

5) Don’t Be Afraid to Push Yourself. To be clear, when it comes to anal, pain is a bad sign no matter what — and Davey says that if anything hurts, you should stop right away. But there are sensations other than pain that can be difficult to overcome, and he says that you need to push through them if you want to work your way up to larger sizes. “That feeling, when you start stretching [open], can be a bit intimidating and sometimes it scares people,” he says. “But it’s totally normal, and it’s fine.”

Naturally, being able to discern between the good kind of discomfort and the bad kind is a skill that comes with practice and time. If you’re ever unsure which you’re feeling, it’s best to err on the side of caution and back off, because you only get one butt and you don’t wanna break it. But when you dream big, you gotta take a scary leap from time to time.

Excited to begin your own expansive anal adventures? Here are some products from Davey’s own arse-enal (groan) that he recommends for would-be anal gapers.


There’s no reason you can’t use a standard anal lube if you already have one you enjoy, but many hardcore anal aficionados go through so much lube that they prefer to buy in bulk. XLube is Davey’s lubricant of choice — it comes in powdered form, and you mix it into water to create a gel as per the included instructions. “I make it in half-liter doses, so I always have plenty on me,” he says. One bottle of XLube powder contains enough powder to make 20 liters of lube — so although a bottle costs $41, it’ll last you way longer than just about any other lube on the market.

Tantus Ripple Large

One of Davey’s favorite toys to warm up with is a butt plug that features a few beads of gradually expanding sizes, similar to this one. “I use it as a dildo and it feels really nice,” he says.

Such toys are helpful when you’re trying to size up because they ease you into larger penetration little by little. The Ripple Large starts at a diameter of just 0.8 inches and gets as wide as 1.5 inches. You can insert it by hand (don’t forget the water-based lube!), or sit down on it slowly like Davey suggests. The Ripple Large is pleasurable in its own right, but can also be a useful stepping stone to bigger things.

Silicone Horse Dildo

Given the meaning of the expression “hung like a horse,” it might seem surprising that Davey cites “small horse dildos” as a type of toy he likes to warm up with. These certainly shouldn’t be the first anal toy you use in a session — even pros like Davey have to ease into using toys this big — but he thinks they can be a good middle ground between medium-sized butt plugs and, say, a fist. “I’m not too picky about what I warm up with, as long as it has enough depth for me to open up everything, and as long as the tip isn’t thick,” he tells me. “The tip really has to be small to make it easy.”

While he acknowledges that the size (not to mention aesthetic and implications) of a horse dildo won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, he enjoys the texture and stretching sensation he gets from them. “I’m not really sure how to describe it, but it’s a lot more aggressive,” he says. “It tugs more on everything. When I pull on it, it pulls back a little. It feels nice.” I guess that’s one way to ride a horse…

Topped Toys The Grip

Davey’s such a huge fan of the brand Topped Toys that he owns about six of their products. He says their toys aren’t necessarily the most pleasurable per se, but that they’re great for opening you up and giving you that stretching sensation that many fans of big penetration are looking for. Their classically cone-shaped silicone butt plugs are available in several different sizes. The smallest one has a whopping 2.2-inch diameter at its largest point, though, so these are definitely not for beginners.

Topped Toys Erebus

Davey likes the way that this ultra-textured dildo starts slim at the tip and then quickly widens to become thick and stimulating. “If you just let gravity do its thing, and you start bouncing on it, this will stretch you open good,” he says. “It’s a really intense one.”

Because the Erebus has balls, it’s got a low center of gravity that means it’ll stay put reasonably well if you want to lower yourself down onto it from above, or ride it. It’s got some ridges just above the balls that are designed to stimulate your taint as you grind against it — if you can get the toy that deep inside you, that is.

Topped Toys Mordax

If you’ve been reading this article and thinking that everything so far has seemed pretty tame and manageable — in which case, kudos? — then this wildly rippled dildo might deliver the extreme sensations you’re looking for. The Mordax is “very thick over the entire [shaft], and there’s so many ridges. Super intense,” Davey says. “I like it, but I don’t know if I’d recommend it, because usually after just a few minutes on that one, I’m spent and I can’t do any more.”

This toy is compatible with harnesses and fucking machines that use Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock system, so if you’ve ever wanted to be pegged or mechanically rammed with something this enormous and textured, have at it.