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Lube Shooters Are a Bottom’s Best Friend

Bottoms, you need to read this

“Far too many tops just put a few drops on the head of their dick,” complains Evan Goldstein

The founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical, a sexual health clinic catering to queer buttholes, is talking about lube. For years now, he’s advised his patients on proper lubrication for anal sex: Wear a condom when applicable; use silicone-based lube for condoms, but water-based for sex toys; lube up your penis (or strap-on) and your partner’s (or your own) butthole. Oh, and tops, make sure you’re getting lube inside the anal canal.

“Proper lubrication for anal sex is something else no one taught us,” Goldstein says. “That’s where lube shooters fill the void — literally.”

Lube shooters, also known as lube launchers, are the oft-ignored solace for good anal sex. For deep anal play — such as fisting, using anal beads or double penetration — it’s important to make sure your anal canal, the tube connecting the anus and rectum, is as slick as the pickup lines you used on your himbo top. 

A lube shooter is a plastic lubricant applicator in the shape of a syringe. The anus isn’t self-lubricating, so a plentiful amount of lube is needed to avoid friction and tearing. As such, a lube shooter is more helpful than just shoving a few sticky fingers up there — Goldstein says it “distributes the lube into the rectum and along the walls of the anal canal, which makes penetration so much easier for everyone.”

Thankfully, they’re not expensive. You can buy them a pack of three for a little over $16 on Amazon or $9 at Rite Aid. Goldstein recommends b-Vibe’s set for $25. 

The application process is pretty straightforward. Some ass syringes come pre-lubed, while others might require filling the tube (if you need a good lube recommendation, try Goodparts). Once the lube shooter is filled, remove the plastic cap and insert it into the anus. Depress on the plunger and slowly dispense as you remove the shooter. And that’s it. 

“It sets the stage for successful engagements by placing the lube in the anatomically correct locations,” Goldstein says. “Not only will there be less risk of injury, but each thrust will feel better for everyone involved.”

Now, to be clear, a lube shooter isn’t a replacement for other pre-sex maintenance. You’ll still want to consider how much time in advance you should eat and if you want to douche. Lube shooters also aren’t an excuse to avoid after-sex care. The Body has a good guide on how to best treat your anus after you’ve pummeled it.

As Goldstein says, “Lube applicators are a bottom’s best friend.” So, bottoms, don’t be afraid of telling your top to use a lube shooter, especially if they’ve never heard of one. Never forget that you get to decide how your butthole is treated. Why not give it a slick time?