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How to Sober Up from Weed Edibles

From munching lemons to taking the L, here are the many ways in which you can return from the psychoactive realm

If you ate too many THC gummy bears and think you’re dead, (1) you’re very much alive; and (2) you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to sober up from weed edibles so you can feel normal again…

Guzzle CBD

The science is still hazy, but CBD is believed to work against an uncomfortable weed experience by producing a calming effect. “To snap out of an edible high, you need to consume CBD,” says Joshua Cobos, COO of Dolce Foglia, a weed-oriented flavoring house. “It counteracts the THC and sobers you up.”

Munch a Lemon (or Peppercorns or Pine Nuts)

A commonly used tactic for managing panic attacks, biting into a lemon is a way of grounding yourself in the hopes of freeing your mind from those weird, edible-induced thoughts (yes, mind, I know ostriches are basically just reverse furries). “You can try eating a lemon, squeezing some lemon juice and lemon zest into water or steeping a lemon peel in hot water,” says Scott Riefler, CSO of SōRSE, a technology company aiming to improve edibles. “Also, you can shift anxiety or bring back focus by smelling or chewing one or two black peppercorns. Pine nuts have also been known to have a calming effect. The limonene in the lemons and the pinene in the pine nuts are both believed to help regain clarity.”

Do Something

That could mean some kind of mental distraction to steer you away from your unpleasant thoughts. “Get curious about something like a movie, TV show, video or painting,” say Grace and PJ, professional trip sitters at Akasa Journeys. “Play some drums. A table can be a drum.”

Or it could mean something more physical. “Take a walk or get some exercise,” says Michael Flemmens of SōRSE. “Get the blood pumping to dump the THC from your system.” He says taking a shower can also bring you down to Earth, since “the relaxation can help mitigate the anxiety effects.”


Using the breath is the most accessible way to change our state and calm the nervous system,” says 420-friendly psychotherapist Sara Ouimette. “Making the exhales longer than the inhales calms the nervous system. I encourage focusing on the breath and counting in for four, then out for four, in for four, out for five, in for four, out for six, in for four, out for seven, in for four, out for eight.” She adds, “Humming, rocking, singing and dancing can also sometimes help.”

After your breathing exercises, it can also be helpful to give yourself a small pep talk. “Know that it’s temporary, and it will end,” Grace and PJ say. “This may require trust that it will end, since it may not feel that way, but it’s good to be reminded of.” If you’re wondering, how long does an edible high last, usually no more than six hours, depending on the dosage. Hang in there, bro.


Sometimes the only thing you can do when you’re ultra high is peace out. “Sleep is the great healer,” says Cruz, a daily smoker. “When you’re absolutely too fucked up and uncomfortable or anxious about a high, only time and rest can dilute those mental problems.”

“I’ve found that trying to break a bad high with substances — coffee, medicine, vitamins or healthy foods and drinks — doesn’t do much and can cause extra anxiety because you wonder why it’s not working,” Cruz continues. “When you get too stoned, it’s best to just accept the L and allow your body to rest.”

And Next Time, Eat Less

The 420-friendly publishers at Portable Press shared with me a morsel of edible-making (and taking) advice from their upcoming Encyclo-Weedia, which is worth keeping in mind for any of your subsequent edible adventures: “You should always err on the side of caution when cooking with cannabis products: if it’s too weak, it doesn’t matter much. Just consume a little more and make it stronger next time. Overdoing it on an edible can be unpleasant! You may experience some anxiety or nausea, and it takes a while for the symptoms to pass. Or you may just fall asleep and miss out on all the fun. 

“In any case, take care not to put too much ‘happy’ ingredient into your cooking, and once you’ve consumed it, give your buzz plenty of time to arrive. Don’t assume that you need another brownie after 20 minutes; it can take up to two hours for the effects of an edible to kick in.”

You chill now, bro, or do you need a nap?