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Why Do Marijuana Edibles Always Come in Gummy Form?

Short answer: They’re easy to make and easy to eat

We live in a weed-infused world, where edibles range from baked goods to burgers to sodas to sauces to pecans to popsicles and everything in between. But nothing beats the classic weed gummy — and there are several reasons for that. Such as…

Gummies Have a Long, Medicinal History

“Sugar-based candy, rather than chocolate, has deep, historical roots,” says Derek Espinoza, creative director of Baked Bros edibles. Gummies in particular have long been advertised as medicinal — or at least somewhat healthy — and “began to explode with the clever ‘Fruit Snacks’ marketing ploy in the early 1980s. Many of the people who were kids during the 1980s and 1990s are now of legal age to purchase cannabis. When it comes to edibles, gummies are top of mind, because they carry this nostalgia of eating gummies designed to hijack your taste buds.”

Gummies Are Easy to Dose

“There’s a reason your gummy vitamins aren’t made into brownies or cookies,” Espinoza explains. “To ensure that every square inch of a cookie is identical in dosing would be a logistical nightmare. Gummies, on the other hand, are much easier to dose individually, and thus create a consistent product that leaves little room for error on the consumer end.”

Speaking of the consumer end, Espinoza says, “Most consumers want to follow the path of least resistance. Chocolates, cookies, brownies and even drinks present potential hangups for the average consumer. Suppose I have a 100 milligram example from above. I have to figure out and plan to break that product into smaller bits. Also, I have to hope I did my math correctly and that the cannabis is evenly distributed. Lastly, carrying one of these items around is less than ideal. Gummies are already broken into accurate individual doses.” Moreover, all of the chewing that gummies require begins the absorption process in your mouth, as opposed to in your stomach, which results in a quicker high.

Gummies Are Shelf Stable and Cheap to Make

“Gummies have increasingly grown in popularity and presence largely due to their approachability from a consumer perspective, as well as their ease to produce as a manufacturer, coupled with their shelf stability,” says Nishant Reddy, CEO and co-founder of A Golden State premium cannabis flower. “Unlike other forms of edibles that rely on dairy, need refrigeration and go bad much sooner, gummies are a much more consistent, dependable form to work with. Likewise, there are less consumer hurdles to deal with — for example, dietary restrictions. Frankly, it’s easier to create a balanced taste profile and mask the cannabis flavors, while at the same time making dosing easier for consumers.”

Gummies Are Discrete and, Well, People Just Like ‘Em

As opposed to slamming a stanky weed brownie and dropping crumbs everywhere, gummies provide a “discreet and convenient way to get high, and usually taste pretty alright,” says Michael Magallanes, founder of Opulent Chef, where he serves up Michelin-style cannabis creations.

Can’t argue with that.

*eats 20 weed gummies and passes out on the couch*