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Are There Any Drugs That Make You Cum Faster?

Most drugs make it hard to orgasm, but what can you take when you need to get off while you blast off?

For those who’ve tried to bone under the influence of illicit substances, it’s likely that your sexual endeavor has been somewhat thwarted by your or your partners’ inability to cum. And although sex and drugs have been combined for literal millennia, academic institutions aren’t particularly interested in this devil’s dysfunction, meaning sufferers often have to trawl the internet for solutions. Typically, people are after drugs that will keep their dick hard, make their orgasms more intense, loosen up their buttholes, or more commonly, enable them to last longer. But sometimes, all they want is something that’ll speed sex up.

There’s a multitude of reasons for this. For one, cumming feels good, and it’s frustrating when you can’t. Also, fucking all night is fun, but sometimes, you don’t have 12 hours to hump. Lastly, if you already struggle to climax within the time frame you’d like, most recreational drugs will probably make things worse. Given their not-always-wanted ability to make you last forever, they can leave you horny for hours, with no end in sight. As we previously investigated, MDMA makes it particularly difficult to orgasm, as does cocaine, while hallucinogens can either be “cosmic” or simply disorienting.

In a recent Reddit post, some users offered up poppers as a possible solution. “There have been days when I didn’t think I could even cum without poppers,” wrote one person. “My ex also pointed out that I have multiple orgasms more often when poppers are used than when I have a sober orgasm.” Another respondent suggested mixing poppers with amphetamines or meth, both of which are said to enhance orgasmic intensity (though it should be noted that combining meth with other drugs can be dangerous and even lethal). There’s limited information online in relation to poppers speeding up orgasms, though, and the consensus around it is conflicting. Most people actually agree that poppers make you last longer (or stop you from maintaining your erection), but plenty of others say it speeds things up, too. As with most things, it depends on your individual chemistry. 

Jordan Dixon, a clinical psychosexual and relationship therapist at The Thought House Partnership in London, shared her research paper with me about the effects of particular recreational drugs on sexual function. Out of the five drugs she studied — alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, MDMA and methamphetamine — it seems that weed could be the most effective for those who want to climax more quickly. By lowering anxiety, heightening sensations like touch, smell and taste and enhancing orgasmic quality — experiences Dixon says are felt “universally” among genders — weed can help alleviate orgasmic lag times.

Super Star, a 43-year-old substance use disorder speaker from Chicago, previously told MEL that he’s had more intense and multiple orgasms while stoned. “Everything was just five times more sensitive,” he said. Like with poppers, weed’s supposed quickening effect stands in contradiction with everything we know about it — over the years, academic research has simultaneously said that it delays ejaculation, leads to premature ejaculation, makes sex more intense and doesn’t improve the quality of orgasms. So how it’ll affect you is anyone’s guess. 

In the pharmaceutical world, those looking to improve their orgasm speed while taking antidepressants could switch to the norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI) Wellbutrin, which has been shown to potentially boost women’s sex drives — experts have described it as “an excellent drug for sexual dysfunction.”

In other words, it’s relatively simple to find recreational drugs that delay orgasm and ejaculation, but it’s near impossible to find a consistent solution for those who want to cum quicker. This is, in part, because of a lack of research on this topic. “Pleasure on an individual level has been shown to benefit both physical and mental health, yet research into the pleasure and enhancements of sexualized recreational drugs is still absent within academic and psychosexual discourses,” Dixon explains. 

So, I’m afraid I don’t have a straightforward answer for you. For those who want to cum quicker, your best bet is to probably avoid drugs altogether and stay sober. It’s not exactly the most fun answer, but then again, neither is a 36-hour infinity bone.