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Is Pushing Down on Someone’s Stomach the Secret to G-Spot Orgasms?

Though it’s not exactly a new trick, TikTok has recently become obsessed with it

One area of my body I prefer not to be touched is my lower stomach. As is true for many people, it’s an area of insecurity, and I’d just rather ignore it. But apparently, I’m missing out if I hold on to this insecurity during sex. According to a string of viral TikToks, having a partner press down on my lower stomach during sex is the missing link to triggering that elusive G-spot orgasm (in people with vaginas, that is). Why, though, would adding pressure to my lower stomach — something that’s not even a sex organ — produce an orgasm?

Well, buried beneath the lower stomach — by which I mean under your intestines and bladder and directly north of your pubic bone — is where the G-spot lives inside the vagina. When pressed down upon from above, combined with penetration, the G-spot can allegedly be more easily stimulated. 

On TikTok, the recommendation went viral after two videos utilizing the same audio clip from Monsters Inc. mentioned the act. In one, @brooke.lebedew suggests that pressing down on a woman’s lower stomach “while hittin’ it” will produce an orgasm every single time. In another, from @kendra.trost, the same suggestion is made, but she states that it could lead to you getting pregnant, presumably because it feels so good that it will make you want even more sex (or maybe because of the theory that women are more likely to get pregnant when they have an orgasm). 


Girls who get it, get it. Girls who dont, well I’m sorry ☺️

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Despite the overt inaccuracies in each video — no, it won’t produce an orgasm every single time; no, it won’t make you pregnant — both TikToks have a combined 18 million views. They’ve also sparked dozens of horny videos from other TikTokers singing their praises. Some also recommend employing the technique during oral sex, though it’s unclear whether that would have the same effect unless the recipient is also being penetrated at the same time. 

None of this is exactly new advice. Glamour, for example, wrote about it back in 2016. “Good Vibrations staff sexologist Carol Queen, PhD, says it is indeed possible to stimulate the G-spot from the outside,” they wrote. “When you put pressure on the lower abdomen, you’re pushing on the bladder, which, in turn, pushes on the G-spot just below it.”

As for how much pressure is required, it’ll vary from person to person — most people just press down somewhere between their belly button and pubic bone until it feels good. Hopefully it’s obvious, but anything that hurts will not be beneficial. It’s also worth noting that it might not work for everyone. G-spot orgasms are still kind of a mystery, and plenty of people don’t even think they’re real (one theory is that they’re actually just clitoral orgasms, since the two structures appear to be related). But considering the relative ease and simplicity of having someone (or yourself) press down on your stomach during sex or masturbation, it shouldn’t be too much of a chore to attempt, even if it doesn’t work out.

As many of the comments on these TikToks have said, though, some people find it weirdly difficult to request that their partner do this. “How do I send him this without sending him this?” one girl wrote. “Ladies if he has been INSIDE you, you should feel comfortable enough to tell him you want this. Christ,” another retorted. The top comment on the most popular video, however, might make some people slightly more hesitant to try it: “My BF did this and I farted so hard :’).”

Farting during sex is surely embarrassing, but again, not that big of a deal. Besides, getting over my insecurities surrounding my lower stomach and maybe farting honestly seems like a fair trade for having a G-spot orgasm.