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The Sex Toys That Will Make Your Dick Bigger

Penis extenders might not allow you to go a literal extra mile in bed, but they will help your dick look and feel thicker and longer

The amount of dick-related technologies humankind has developed is truly staggering. Cock rings can keep you hard, chastity cages can lock you in, blow-job machines can get you off — if there’s something you want to do to your member, there’s probably a tool that can achieve it.

Another such advancement in cock tech: penis extenders. These stretchy sleeves slip over your dick, typically encasing it from tip to base, in order to make it look and feel thicker and longer. Imagine a slider in a video game that expands your character’s junk each time you push it up a notch, and you’ve got a rough idea of how using a penis extender might make you feel.

Why Use a Penis Extender?

As with most sex toys, among the best reasons to use penis extenders is simply for variety’s sake. Your dick is great, but there’s only so much it can do on its own — that’s not an indictment of penises, it’s just a fact. When you open yourself up to the possibilities of extenders, you offer more variety of sensation not only to your partner, but to yourself, too. Extenders can be thick, long, textured, smooth, squishy, firm, straight, curved or some combination thereof; and there’s nearly as much variety on the inside of penis extenders as on the outside, with many boasting textured interiors that feel good to thrust inside of.

Sure, you could achieve a similar effect by using a dildo on your partner while holding it in your hand, but it can be more intimate to use one that’s wrapped around your actual junk. Plus, you’re probably more used to thrusting with your hips than with your hand, so you can get more momentum going.

Extenders can also be a workaround for people who struggle with premature ejaculation. The inside of an extender can be stimulating, especially if it’s ridged and well-lubed, but it’s typically not as stimulating as, say, a vagina or a butt — so if you wish you had more staying power, an extender might help.

People with erectile dysfunction can use extenders too, depending on the extender — ones that are too soft and floppy might not be firm enough for penetration when worn on a soft dick. Hollow strap-ons, on the other hand, use a harness to hold a firm tube in place over your penis, allowing you to fuck your partner with or without an erection. Who knows? You might find that the feeling of thrusting into your partner, even if it’s with a dildo, helps you get hard for real. The gentle constriction of an extender can also encourage harder erections by trapping blood in that area, just like a cock ring does.

If you’re feeling kinky, extenders can be a hot addition to various types of power play. They allow you to satisfy your partner without thinking as much about your own pleasure, so they can be a useful tool for submissive-leaning folks who love to please, for example. Extenders work well as part of roleplay, too, especially if your partner is blindfolded — whether you’re pretending to be a professor, a doctor, a FedEx delivery guy or anyone else, the illusion may seem more real to your partner if you’re using a whole different dick than the one they’re used to.

To be clear, penis extenders can be just as useful and fun for people with big dicks as for those on the smaller side. No matter how well-endowed you consider yourself, there are always more ways to give and get pleasure that are worth exploring.

One thing penis extenders can’t do, though, is act as a substitute for a condom. If pregnancy and/or STI transmission are concerns of yours, you should still use a condom, ideally on the outside of the extender, since the friction on the inside could cause it to break. You may need to buy larger condoms than you typically get for this purpose, since the extender will be beefier than your actual boner.

What to Look for in a Penis Extender

1) Material. Extenders usually have to be soft and squishy in order to be comfortable enough to wear, but the trouble is that a lot of soft and squishy sex toy materials are porous, meaning they can’t ever be fully cleaned once bacteria has gotten into their pores. This can raise the odds of you or your partner getting infected or irritated in some pretty delicate areas. 

To avoid these issues, look for extenders made of 100 percent silicone — it’s a non-porous material that can be cleaned with soap and water between uses, but it still has enough squishiness to keep things comfy down there. Remember to only use water-based lubes with these products, since silicone-based lubes can damage their material.

2) Size. While you might be tempted to grab the biggest extender on the shelf, it’s important that your partner be on board with whatever you pick as well — so if they’re not a monster-cock fan, something less extreme might be better. If you’re not sure what measurements to look for, try measuring your penis — or a dildo you already own — to get a frame of reference for what dimensions you might want in an extender.

3) Texture on the Outside. Some extenders are realistically veiny, some have ultra-intense ridges along the shaft and some are straight and smooth like a cyborg cock. If your partner likes textured dildos or intense G-spot/prostate stimulation, they might enjoy some texture on an extender. But if they’re easily overwhelmed by sensation, the sheer size of the extender might be more than enough on its own, no bumps or ripples needed.

4) Texture on the Inside. If premature ejaculation is your main reason for using an extender, you might want to pick one with minimal or no texture on the inside to keep the stimulation level low. But in general, it’s a good thing when extenders have ridges or other pleasurable features inside of them; the stimulation helps keep you hard and can even bring you to orgasm inside the sheath. Make sure to drizzle some water-based lube inside before you start — the same textures that feel heavenly when lubricated can feel almost sandpaper-esque when dry.

5) How it Stays On. Different extender brands use different mechanisms to keep their product affixed to your dick. Some have a stretchy strap at the base that slips over your balls, some create mild suction that helps keep them on, some come with a harness you can strap them into and some you just have to slip onto your hard penis and pray. If you know you like to fuck hard or fast, an extender with a strap or a harness is probably your best bet.

Ready to find out how far your dick can go? Here are some of the best penis extenders for jazzing up your junk.

Best Overall Penis Extender: Vixen Creations Holster

Vixen Creations is renowned for their ultra-realistic silicone dildos, and this extender is basically a hollowed-out version of one of their bestsellers. It’s got the veiny detailing and pronounced head that dick-lovers dream about. If you’re looking for the realest of the real, this one is hard to beat.

The thick strap at the base can be slipped onto your balls to keep the extender anchored where you want it. This model fits average-sized dicks best — the inner dimensions are 4.5 inches long and 1.4 inches wide — so if you’re on the smaller side, you should get the Vixen Ride On instead, while the Vixen Colossus (below) is best suited for larger members. Each comes in three different skin tones.

You might find you can last much longer when you use this extender, because it lacks any stimulating texture on the inside. But if you want a sleeve that’ll boost sensation for you rather than diminishing it, try one of the other toys on this list that has ridges inside.

Best Textured Penis Extender: CalExotics Silicone 2-Inch Extender

This unique extender basically turns your dick into a sex toy. It’s got a slightly curved head that puts pressure on your partner’s G-spot or prostate; lower down on the shaft, ridges and a lattice design both stimulate the nerve endings in the vaginal or rectal walls. This could help you take your sweetheart to new heights of pleasure, especially combined with a clitoral vibe or a “reach-around.”

A stretchy scrotum strap keeps the toy in place while you’re thrusting. The mesh-like texture on the shaft is stimulating for the wearer as well, but not too stimulating, so it could be a great pick if your partner needs a lot of internal sensation to get off but you have trouble lasting long enough to get them there. Bear in mind that it might not fit dicks longer than about 6 inches or wider than 1.75 inches, though.

Best Smooth Penis Extender: Traz Rhino Sleek

On the other end of the texture spectrum is this super-smooth silicone extender. It’s basically a featureless tube, so it’s the best choice if your partner is hypersensitive inside or struggles with vaginal irritation or pain.

Despite their external smoothness, Traz Rhino extenders are so thoroughly ridged on the inside that some people even use them as strokers for masturbation (lube is a must!). This sleeve can be trimmed to whatever length you need, and best fits dicks that are about 1.5 inches wide.

This extender uses an innovative “vacuum suction” system to stay on: You put your erect penis into the tube, use your hand to squish out any extra air and then insert an included silicone plug into the “pee hole” of the extender to maintain the suction. I had no trouble with this when I tried it with a partner, but some Amazon reviewers report struggling with it, so if you want a “no muss, no fuss” extender, this probably isn’t it. I’d also be wary to use this product anally, because there’s always a chance that the suction plug could pop off and get lost inside somebody. But using it vaginally should be fine.

Best Extra-Large Penis Extender: Vixen Creations Colossus

If you have an average-sized dick and want to make it huge, you need the Colossus. This realistic-looking silicone extender fits penises that are around 5.5 inches long and 1.4 inches wide. It’ll bring your total girth up to about 2.25 inches, so if your partner likes the feeling of being stretched open, it could become your new fave toy to use together.

A scrotum strap keeps the sleeve in place during sex. Unlike some other extenders on this list, the Colossus offers practically no stimulation for the wearer — meaning it might be exactly what you need if you tend to ejaculate prematurely, but if not, it could be tricky for you to maintain a boner while using it. As always, though, adding lube helps a lot.

Best Vibrating Penis Extender: Nasstoys the Great Extender

Ever wished your dick could vibrate? This is the next best thing. A removeable mini vibrator can be placed in the head of the extender before you slip it on, creating exciting sensations for both you and your partner.

This stretchy silicone sleeve slides on like a condom and has no straps or other securing mechanisms, so if you’re worried about slippage, you’ll likely want to look elsewhere. But if you just want to augment your dick size and add a side order of vibration, it could be a cool addition to your toybox.

Best Customizable Penis Extender: RX Sleeve EZ Sleeves

If you’ve tried a penis extender and enjoyed it — or if you’re the type of person who likes getting the fanciest option from the get-go — you might dig the high-end silicone options offered by RX Sleeve. You get to pick whatever shape, size, color and firmness you want. It’s almost like being able to redesign your own genitals.

Each sleeve comes with an adjustable harness that keeps it in place during use. It can be used with or without an erection, though the stimulation for the wearer is minimal at best, so if you’re hoping an extender can help you get hard (or get off), this probably isn’t the one.

Best Hollow Strap-On Penis Extender: Doc Johnson Body Extensions BE Ready

Hollow strap-ons are the best option for people who struggle to get erect but still want to fuck their partner. This set comes with an adjustable harness and three different silicone attachments, so you can pick the one that fits your anatomy best, or try out different sizes to see what your partner likes.

This strap-on can be worn whether you’re hard or soft. Even if you don’t have erectile issues, you might find it useful for those times when you’ve come but your partner hasn’t yet. 

Refractory period? What refractory period?