The Incredibly Dangerous World of Viral ‘Cleaning Product ASMR’ Videos

The trend has people dumping every cleaning product they can find into their toilets and sinks, a seemingly fun activity that can actually kill you

The Endless Agony and Occasional Ecstasy of Trick-Shot Livestreams

The post-Dude Perfect world of trick shots is here. Say goodbye to corny music and edited montages — and say hello to hours-long livestream sufferfests

Cheers to the Women on TikTok Creating Their Own Sexy Beer Posters

Determined to honor their partners’ love of suds, they’re inserting themselves in old-school ads for lols and likes

There Will Never Be Another Goatse

The most infamous shock-porn meme was the original NFT — and today it lives on as a sketchy crypto scheme. This is how Goatse changed the internet forever.

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