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Prophylactic Kitchen Nightmare: The TikToker Cooking with Condoms

The mysterious Russian man, who goes by the name Bigman, cooks popcorn, poached eggs and artificially flavored jams in his rubbers — because why not?

Condoms have always had one job — and they’re pretty darn good at it. But one man is proving to the world that condoms have a lot more to offer than just protective sex; in fact, condoms can also lend you a helping hand in the kitchen. 

The mysterious Russian man, who goes by the nickname “Bigman” on TikTok, has amassed more than 300,000 followers with his zany condom-forward videos. And there’s not much he likes doing more on the platform than filling condoms with all sorts of food items — from eggs to ketchup to soda to bananas — and then often deep frying them. 

In one TikTok that recently made rounds on Reddit, he pours corn kernels and oil into a condom before tying it up and microwaving the whole tube. The condom balloons into the perfect popcorn holder — which might have you convinced that this is a practical way to make popcorn, if it weren’t almost guaranteed to taste like lubed-up garbage. 

In another video, he poaches eggs by first expanding a condom by placing it over a glass, and then cracking two eggs inside of it. Bigman then dips the closed condom in a boiling pot until the eggs are cooked. The result when he splits the condom open are poached eggs with a perfectly runny yolk. The process may seem gross, but the finished product admittedly looks pretty appetizing. 

But besides filling up condoms with random objects, Bigman also likes to use flavored ones (they’re extra juicy, perhaps?) to create concoctions with the viscosity of jam. 

His latest video features him deep-frying flavored condoms, which come out looking like fucked-up donut snakes. 

The commenters on his videos are understandably curious about Bigman’s bizarre hobby. They tend to ask him if he eats his creations (he does not) and why he’d do such a thing (for views, duh). Then there are the requests on what they want to see him put inside of a condom next, including filling one with apples. (For the record, he was able to stack a full 12 apples in a precariously expansive rubber — great news for the men with 11-apple-long dicks.)

Bigman likes ruining condoms too. Some of his videos feature him using a needle roller to prick tiny holes in a condom, which he then fills with water. The result is a soothing prophylactic fountain. 

Along those lines, Bigman’s videos are nothing if not hypnotic, and truly a testament to just how much a single condom can withstand — hot oil and big apples be damned. But as entertaining as the videos are to watch, I won’t be eating popcorn at his house any time soon.