Male TikTokers Are Claiming Cunnilingus Bleaches Their Beards

Confused why their beards appear to be getting lighter, they’re hypothesizing it must be from all the rampant oral sex they’re having. But can vaginal fluid really change the color of facial hair, or is this just another way for guys to claim they fuck?

The Clit Is a Liberal Lie

The increasingly popular meme pokes fun at conservatives’ supposed sexual inadequacy, but it also forces us to ask ourselves: If we can’t find something, does it exist at all?!?!

Do We Know Exactly How Many Nerve Endings Are in a Clit?

The most commonly cited number is 8,000, but medical experts agree that the precise figure isn’t so simple

It’s No Longer Sex Ed’s Fault Men Can’t Find the Clit — It’s Theirs

Sure, men not being able to ‘find the clit’ was funny the first 10,000 times, but as a series of recent TikToks proves, it’s now just kind of sad