Why You Can’t Tell If You’ve Pissed Yourself While on Shrooms

As a recent Reddit thread showed, a surprising number of people constantly think they’re peeing their pants while they’re tripping, even though they aren’t. Why, mushrooms? WHY?!

The Wet, Wild History of Pissing Baby Fountains

Once you’ve noticed how many of these little pissers there are in garden stores and Italian restaurants, you’ll never be able to stop thinking about it. Thankfully, historians have some answers

Why Is Red Bull and Every Other Energy Drink the Color of Urine?

I know it’s not because of that dumb rumor that it’s made of bull piss. But at the same time, it’s not exactly appetizing

The Soggy Artistry of Urinal Cake Patents

It’s unclear who invented the first urinal cake, but if these patent drawings are anything to go off of, they’ve had quite an excremental evolution over the past hundred years