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Lillian Stone

Lillian Stone is a freelance humor writer and reporter. She has two thoughtless little dogs and writes jokes from her Chicago apartment where the theme is Grey Gardens, But Sexy.


Inside the Frantic Search for the Testicle-Enhancing Wonder Shrub

Known for its supposed power as a testosterone, libido and ball-size enhancer, it sold out almost immediately after Joe Rogan named-dropped it on his podcast. But is its magic overblown?

Who Is the Real Nik Avocado?

The YouTube star has built an online empire by being outrageously fake. So can his fans trust that his OnlyFans is where he actually gets real?

Can ‘Animal Prostitution’ Help Humans Rethink Sex?

We think of transactional sex as shameful and evil. But it’s way more common in the natural world — not to mention respectful, consenting and mutually beneficial — than we’re led to believe

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