Why Sick Patients Are So Drawn to Cable News

Battling leukemia, my mom kept turning to CNN and Chris Cuomo. It turns out that cable news has a positive effect on some hospitalized people — even though it can make healthy folks feel like trash

‘Derry Girls’ Shows Us How a Dysfunctional Family Can Be Functional

Netflix’s hit Irish-Catholic sitcom is the craic. Especially if you have a family like mine

Leta Powell Drake Finally Got Her 15 Minutes of Fame — 40 Years After the Fact

An interview with the ‘greatest interviewer of all time,’ Leta Drake — the viral 82-year-old Nebraska anchor who told Elliott Gould he couldn’t act

‘Hoops’ Is a Rude, Crude, Foul-Mouthed Comedy. God, Is It Boring.

Nonstop swearing. Endless bad behavior. The only thing shocking about this new Netflix series is how cynical and safe it is.

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