Andrew Fiouzi

Andrew Fiouzi is a staff writer at MEL.

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The Self-Lubricating Condom Is the Crowning Achievement of Over 400 Years of Dick-Sack Science

In 1594, Italian physician and anatomist Gabriele Falloppio suggested that a linen cloth be soaked in chemicals, dried and then used as protection against syphilis….

What’s the Average Number of Thrusts During the Average Bout of Sex?

“How long did you last?” is a question most guys have heard or asked at some point in their lives. But in light of recent…

How Do I, an Average Guy Who Doesn’t Want to Upset Someone I Love, Tell My Loved Ones About the Latest Tragic Event in the News?

On Thursday morning, I awoke to the news of a 28-year-old gunman who had killed 13 people including himself at the Borderline Bar and Grill…