Why You Can’t Listen to That Disgusting Blink-182 Song About a Dog and Its Ass

Hidden songs like ‘Fuck A Dog’ were one of the great thrills of owning a compact disc. But they’re either nowhere to be found on Spotify and other streaming services or merged into the rest of the record, completely ruining their surprise and charm

We’ll Never Forget You, TNT’s ‘We Know Drama’ Slogan

Now that the cable channel won’t be creating any more new shows, let us eulogize a silly, memorable catchphrase that was emblematic of the pre-cord-cutting era

Bill Hader, Three Years Is Way Too Long for Me to Remember What Happened in ‘Barry’

In addition to ‘Barry,’ shows like ‘Russian Doll’ and ‘Atlanta’ have also taken extremely long hiatuses between seasons. I get why — pandemic, or whatever — but don’t expect me to care when they finally kick back into gear

In Praise of Tom Hanks’ Apple Movies That No One’s Heard Of

This Friday, the two-time Oscar-winner is in a charming, low-key sci-fi film called ‘Finch.’ Like last year’s ‘Greyhound,’ it allows us to see what Hanks is capable of when audiences aren’t paying attention