How ‘Member’ Became the Classiest Euphemism for Penis

It’s one of the earliest, classiest penile slang terms out there, and yet today it’s mostly reserved for romance novels. It’s high time we bring ‘member’ back to the mainstream

‘Grand Slam My Pussy’ Is Becoming Porn’s Catchiest New Phrase

It’s not a tennis thing, a baseball play or a very large Denny’s breakfast, but it’s an accomplishment just the same

When Did We All Turn on the Word ‘Moist’?

In numerous polls throughout the past decade, ‘moist’ has dominated as one of the most hated words in the English language. However, the psychological reasons for such an aversion may have very little to do with being grossed out

Why Must We Call Big Asses ‘Dump Trucks’?

Last I checked, a ‘dump truck’ is a vehicle used to transport dirt and trash, and a ‘dump’ is something you take when you go #2. Is that really the treatment our nation’s derrieres deserve?