Isabelle Kohn

Isabelle Kohn is a sex and relationships journalist, educator and consultant who, for some reason, keeps writing about livestock instead. She writes features and long-form pieces for MEL, usually without the help of Clippy.

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Will the Fauxcest Bubble Ever Burst?

Porn trends come and go, but family-style fucking is the hearty perennial that won't seem to ever fuck off

Donated Plasma Could Be a ‘Liquid Gold’ Treatment for Coronavirus. So Why Can’t Anyone Get It?

COVID survivors are lining up to donate desperately needed plasma, but a discombobulated maze of testing, miscommunication and early misunderstandings is stopping them at every turn

The Definitive Guide to Sex on SSRIs

While SSRIs and other antidepressants can lift your mood, the can’t always be said for your, you know, dick. Thankfully, there are plenty of options and ways to cope.