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Isabelle Kohn

Isabelle Kohn is a sex and relationships journalist, educator and consultant who, for some reason, keeps writing about livestock instead. She writes features and long-form pieces for MEL, usually without the help of Clippy.

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    The Invisible Voter Suppression of Domestic Violence

    Emotional abuse, stalking and sexual assault have a direct impact on democracy. But we never hear (or talk) about it — because it doesn’t look like the violence we know

    The Most Terrifying Myths About Sex We Believed Growing Up

    Everyone knows babies are born out of the butt, duh

    The Delirious Cult of Recreational Benadryl Users

    When taken in large amounts, the over-the-counter allergy drug has hallucinogenic effects on young adults. None of them seem to like it — but they also don’t want to stop.