Isabelle Kohn

Isabelle Kohn

Isabelle Kohn is an L.A.-based sex and relationships journalist, educator and consultant who has written for Playboy, Broadly, InStyle and Harper's Bazaar. Sometimes she'll write about other stuff like science and health and Bill Clinton if you triple-dog-dare her, though.

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Inside the Outrageously Prestigious World of Falcon Influencers

Bryn Close has a brand-new Lamborghini. It’s cherry red and goes 280 miles per hour, and he got it because he let a falcon have…

On Tudder, the ‘Tinder for Cows,’ Courtship Is a High-Steaks Game

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Free Rein

It’s high noon at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center, a minimum-security prison in the state’s capital of Carson City. The barbed wire is gleaming, the…