The Pervasive, Semi-Problematic World of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Porn

Rule 34 of the internet states that if it exists, there’s porn of it, but this play on Dreamworks’ animated fantasy is a whole different reptile

All Hail Mother Lena, Porn’s Pregnant Icon

Some say you can’t be sexual while pregnant. Lena the Plug said keep the cameras rolling

YouTube Reviews Are the New Way to Preview OnlyFans Content

Without a way to search for creators or get a sense of what they’re offering, OnlyFans users are relying on ‘I Bought [Name]’s OnlyFans So You Don't Have To’ review videos on YouTube

ManyVids’ Founder Bella French on the Future of Online Sex Work

The cam-girl-turned-CEO is attempting to provide a sex-worker-friendly alternative to OnlyFans that’s also capable of withstanding the external pressures against the industry

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