I Brought the Jersey Shore to Me With a Homemade Cup of Ron Ron Juice

This summer, we’re thirsty for the mindless partying and tackiness of ‘Jersey Shore,’ and nothing quenches that craving quite like a couple cups of Ron Ron Juice

Say ‘Women’ All You Want, You Fucking Weirdos

There’s no attack on gendered language, only on the trans people that supposed liberals have cast as their oppressors

There’s Nothing Hotter Than a Man Who Reverses With His Hand On the Passenger Seat Headrest

Cars and driving are becoming increasingly automated, but you know what analog automotive tradition will never die? Marveling at the blinding sexiness of a guy who puts his arm around you, then contorts his entire body to look behind him before reversing

‘Dark Brandon’ Is the Malevolent Kind of Biden We Need

Leftist shitposters have embraced a presidential alter ego born from the fears of the MAGA right