The Bootlegging, Moonshine Origins of Mountain Dew

Long before it was the stuff of gamers and X-Game athletes, Mountain Dew was an illicit corn whiskey fashioned from homemade stills deep in the backwoods of Appalachia

Buffalo Wild Wings’ Mountain Dew Long Island Is a Tacky Triumph

Mountain Dew has always been the people’s beverage, but it’s rarely used as a chaser or drink mixer. Not so at BWW, where their exclusive Legendary Long Island is spiked with a delightfully gaudy — and surprisingly tasty — dose of Dew

Mountain Dew’s Hard Seltzer Hits Surprisingly Soft

After months of teasing, the soda brand’s much-anticipated hard seltzer is now on the market. But for all its boisterous, ‘extreme’ marketing, it left me with a giant, mountain-shaped void

An Oral History of Mountain Dew’s ‘Puppy Monkey Baby’ Super Bowl Commercial

The creators share the story of the most hated, beloved, horrifying, endearing Super Bowl commercial ever