This Week, Two Women in Two Different Countries Were Murdered on Their College Campuses in Broad Daylight

Iman Rashid was shot to death in Jordan yesterday. Just days earlier, Nayera Ashraf was killed in Egypt by a man whose advances she had rejected. Both instances have caused an uproar over misogynist violence in the region — but such killings aren’t unique to one culture or place

What Kind of Hell Is This Room-Temperature Hummus Gonna Bring Upon on My Insides?

I swear that it was in the fridge until just like six or seven hours ago

My Village Built the Longest Sandwich in History

In 2011, hundreds of people from a small village in Lebanon made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for building a sandwich that was over 2,400 feet long. Here’s how they achieved such a gargantuan accomplishment

Why Are Far-Right Extremists Wearing a Palestinian Headdress?

The keffiyeh has long been a symbol of Palestinian liberation. But in the U.S. it’s been retooled by Boogaloo Boys as a badge of credibility.

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