Hussein Kesvani

Hussein Kesvani is the UK and Europe editor of MEL and writes features on technology, subcultures and identity


The Muslim Gubernatorial Candidate Who Almost Made History in Michigan on What’s Next

In August, many political pundits predicted that American electoral history would be made. Abdul El-Sayed, a 33-year-old former physician, Ivy League professor, and until 2017,…

This Viral Study Was So Convincing It Fooled a Bunch of Academics (and Me)

In May, I published an article on MEL about “fat bodybuilding.” As someone who regularly lifts weights, but has also struggled with my body image…

Meet the Rappers of LinkedIn

A couple of weeks ago, a Coventry, U.K.-based rapper connected with me on LinkedIn. In his bio, Skatta (aka 23-year-old Nathan Hunter) describes himself as a “Grime…