Hussein Kesvani

Hussein Kesvani is the UK and Europe editor of MEL and writes features on technology, subcultures and identity


Christians Are Upset That Incels Are Co-opting Celibacy

Chris Green remembers the terror he felt in 2018, when he saw the news that Alek Minassian had been charged with murdering 10 women on…

For ‘Gamer Girls’ Paid to Play ‘Fortnite,’ Therapy Skills Are Almost Required

Most nights after her parents have gone to bed, Sam, a 16-year-old from Toronto, makes herself a cup of coffee, reclines in her gaming chair…

How the Alt-Right Infiltrated Architecture Twitter — And Turned Notre-Dame Into a Political Lightning Rod

As the once-magnificent spire of Notre-Dame de Paris burned last week, some on Twitter lamented that the moment marked the end of Western civilization. Unsurprisingly,…