Hussein Kesvani

Hussein Kesvani is the UK and Europe editor of MEL and writes features on technology, subcultures and identity


How I Became the Muslim Punching Bag for the U.K.’s Racist Far Right

There’s a popular right-wing trope online about the U.K., which alleges that the police spend more time investigating tweets than they do knife crime. In…

For Immigrant Families, WhatsApp Is a Lifeline — and a Rare Connection to the Worlds They Left Behind

Priya Shah, 25, wakes up most mornings to the constant ping of WhatsApp messages. Bleary-eyed, the London-based accountant will grab her phone from her bedside…

Teens ‘Like’ Everything on Social Media Now

Earlier this month, I noticed something strange with my teen cousin. He was scrolling through his phone, repeatedly tapping it like an automated machine. When…