Hussein Kesvani

Hussein Kesvani is the UK and Europe editor of MEL and writes features on technology, subcultures and identity


Welcoming E.T. to the Ummah

It’s pretty much accepted by now that of the nearly 1 million Facebook users who said they’d attend this week’s “Storm Area 51, They Can’t…

‘Incels Without Hate’: Can a New Movement Overcome the Group’s Notorious Violence?

In April 2018, when Alek Minassian killed 10 people and injured 16 others in a van attack on the streets of Toronto, 28-year-old David (a…

The Grown-Ass Millennials Roleplaying as High Schoolers on Facebook

Another day in middle school begins, and drama has broken out even before first period can start. A text message has been circulating: It turns…