Why It’s Impossible to Sleep When It’s Hot

In order to get quality sleep, our core body temperature has to fall in line with our circadian rhythm throughout the night. So please, dear God, turn down the thermostat right this very minute

A Very Hot, and Very Bothered History of the Sauna Suit

For more than a century, its manufacturers have made numerous overheated claims — from the suit’s ability to ward off illness, to how easily it can burn fat. But in recent decades, its usage has become much more life and death

Surrender Yourself to the Summer Accessory

In a season where not much else than shorts and T-shirts are an option, a simple hat, watch or pair of sunglasses can keep you from feeling like you’re living in a sartorial ‘Groundhog Day’

Summer Weather Gives You Himbo Brain

If the heat has you feeling dumb as hell, science suggests that it’s not totally your fault. Our brains are simply less capable of complex decision-making when it gets hotter out