Brain-Interfaced ‘Crowd Orgasms’ Are Cumming to a Future Near You

You’ve come alone. You’ve cum with a partner. But have you cum in tandem with 300 other people hooked up to a computer-interfacing orgasm algorithm? Soon, my friend

This Is What Porn Will Look Like 25 Years From Now

The Way Forward Machine has put together a simulation of what porn will look like in 2046, and it seems as though a simple fap may necessitate a CIA-level background check

Every Theory About the Three Seashells in ‘Demolition Man,’ Judged by the Guy Who Wrote the Movie

Sylvester Stallone’s take is easily the most disgusting

Here’s What 2020 Looked Like to the Sci-Fi Writers of 1974

In the early 1970s, eight science-fiction writers tried to imagine what the far-flung year of 2020 would look like. They ended up being both wrong and right.

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