Tony Siragusa Made Being Big His Business

The former star defensive lineman, who died yesterday at the age of 55, wasn’t just larger than life, he put all that size to work — on the football field certainly, but also as a sideline reporter, pitchman and even bit player on the ‘Sopranos’

How Glenn ‘Pop’ Warner Became Football’s Father Figure

His legend is more apocryphal than reality, but this much is true — over the last half century, millions of kids have been introduced to football because of him

Donovan McNabb’s Mom Still Likes Her Soup Chunky

For seven years, Wilma ‘Char’ McNabb starred in the infamous Campbell’s Chunky Soup ads alongside her son, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. More than a decade later, people on the street still bow down

What Is the Future of the Protective Cup?

In more than a century, the athletic cup hasn’t evolved all that much. Are we doomed to the same hard plastic covering our family jewels, or is anyone searching for a more innovative solve?