Oliver Lee Bateman

Oliver Bateman is a contributing writer to MEL Magazine. He writes about the extreme sides of fitness, the weirder sides of MMA and pro wrestling, and the unorthodox lifestyles of professional athletes. His writing on these topics has appeared in publications such as the Paris Review, the Atlantic, and the New Republic. Ever since he was a little kid, he's been really good at exercising.

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At the Gym With a Couple of ‘American Ninja Warriors’

I’m about to attempt an extremely makeshift Mount Midoriyama course at Pittsburgh Kettlebell & Performance, a small gym where elementary school teacher and two-time American…

Butterbean Hasn’t Gone Anywhere. You Just Haven’t Been Looking Hard Enough

“Man, that’s the question they all want to know: What happened to Butterbean?” asks retired professional boxer and mixed martial artist Eric Esch, a 5-foot-11,…

The Wrestler Who Has Gone Full Frankenstein to Bring His Career Back from the Dead

The reality of the resurrection of Pierre Carl Ouellet (aka “PCO”) from the pop culture grave as a bloody, bruised and electricity-absorbing Frankenstein’s monster has…