The Simple Pleasure of Wikipedia-ing What You’re Eating When You’re Eating It

Well, do you know how that cottage cheese was made?

The Most Delicious Edible Lubes, According to a Renowned Pastry Chef

No one knows how to pair the musky saltiness of genitalia with the sweet, often dessert-flavored notes of edible lube better than Eric See, the chef and owner of Brooklyn-based café and bakery Ursula

What Do You Mean I Can’t Eat Salad Before Sex?

According to nutritionists and diet experts, lots of raw veggies can make you preternaturally farty, and therefore unfit for boning. But to them I say, KISS MY SALAD-LOVING ASS

We Are All Just Hangry Worms, Study Confirms

Hungry worms are willing to cross toxic barriers for food, and scientists believe that this can explain a lot about why humans get hangry, too