The ‘Wife Swap’ Dad Who Was Ahead of His Time

In the early aughts, he was ridiculed for being too progressive. But today, he’s the father everyone on TikTok wants

What Do You Do When the Father of the Bride Is a Bad Dad?

For people with emotionally abusive fathers, weddings can be difficult events to navigate — especially when he’s the asshole bankrolling it

‘On the Rocks’ Is a Father-Daughter Caper About Forgiving Your Dad’s Infidelity

Sofia Coppola’s slight, wistful comedy pairs Bill Murray and Rashida Jones as a man and his grownup baby girl who spy on her husband to see if he’s having an affair. But what she’s really seeking are the answers to why her own father walked out on her.

What Obligation Do We Owe Our Shitty Fathers As They Age?

They may have been monsters when we were growing up. But now they’re old, frail and not long for this world. Is it best to care for them — or ourselves?

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