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Girls on TikTok Are Pointing Out How They’re Yassified Versions of Their Dads

If you’ve never had the realization that girls are just the spitting image of their father with makeup and hair, TikTok’s new yassification trend will gladly point that out for you

I look a lot like my dad. My siblings do, too, but I’m the only one with his hair — dark and curly. It wouldn’t just be accurate to say that I have his features, or that I look like a feminized version of him, though. No, the accurate description, in 2022 terms, would be that I’m the yassified version of my dad. 

Imagine your father, but glamorous, as though someone took a photo of him and Facetuned the shit out of it, adding a full coat of makeup and a long wig. That’s what he would look like, yassified. And particularly when I look at younger photos of my father, this is an accurate comparison between him and I. On TikTok, hundreds of other women are also showing how they, too, are the yassified versions of their dads. 

Using a clip of themselves followed by either a past or current photo of their father, they’re highlighting the resemblance between the two of them. Some assert that it’s only the eldest or youngest daughters who look like yassified versions of their dads, but the variety of videos proves there’s no real answer — just that the general correlation between father and daughter works. The posts use audio from an episode of The Looney Tunes Show, where Daffy Duck says, “Your son looks like a girl.” But in the edited TikTok version, he says, “Your girl looks like a son.” There are currently just under 18,000 clips using the sound

With that sound, girls are partially implying that they look so much like their fathers that they look like boys. However, all the videos are captioned with something along the lines of “every daughter is a yassified version of her dad.” What’s most fun about this is seeing exactly which features women have picked up from their fathers and watching them have an appreciation for that, even if in a joke-y way. Honestly, some look like their faces were copied right from their dad’s. Either way, it’s cute.

Another reason why the trend works, of course, is because people freaking love to share photos of their parents. Whether it’s for their birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, whatever — people love to say, “Look how attractive my parents were when they were younger,” or “Look how much we look alike” on social media. Father-daughter yassification provides an excuse to do that once more.

Sure, this might be cringe to some. But to me, there’s something sweet about these TikToks. Yes, we do look like yassified versions of our dads, and now, we can highlight just how proud we are of that fact.