Why White People Love Watching Black People React to Classic Rock

These ‘first reaction’ videos have become a bizarre YouTube phenomenon — sparking commenters to talk about uniting against racism. Is this actually… good?

John Prine Was Our Big, Corny, Dopey, Wonderful Uncle

The venerable singer-songwriter wrote unabashedly sentimental songs about drug addicts, the elderly and true love. It's been easy to take his greatness for granted — which is why his health scare and death hit a lot of us so hard

Solitude Is the Singing Cowboy’s Oldest Tune

‘Cowboy life can be very dreary. We’ve made it look like a fantasy.’

The Legend of the Screaming Cowboy

Currently at 44.46 million views and counting, ‘Big Enough’ didn’t go viral because of its batshit concept or killer hooks. The key factor was a giant, translucent Jimmy Barnes.