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C. Brian Smith

C. Brian Smith writes hard-hitting gonzo features for MEL, whether it be training with a masturbation coach, receiving psycho corporal treatment from a spank therapist, or embarking on a week-long pleasure cruise with 75 Santa Clauses following their busy season.


The Male Dating Coaches Who Cater to Women

“Men look for sex and find love; women look for love and in the process find sex,” counsels Evan Marc Katz, a 46-year-old dating coach…

What Happens to Spelling Bee Champions When They Grow Old?

Sixty-two-year-old Brad Williams remembers what he ate for breakfast and lunch — Corn Flakes and hamburgers, respectively — on May 3, 1969, the day he…

Dispatches From One of the Last Wet T-Shirt Contests in America

I’ve been named runner-up in a hula hoop competition at Willie’s Tavern, a roadside biker bar in Southern Oregon, which combined with above-average finishes in…