How Chumbawamba Tricked Everyone into Thinking ‘Tubthumping’ Was a Pop Song

At first glance, ‘Tubthumping’ is a saccharine, smooth-brained drinking song designed to be shouted in pubs. But below the surface, it’s a Trojan horse designed to covertly deliver anarcho-communism to the masses

Violet Valentine is OnlyFans’ Communist Sweetheart

Valentine enjoys her job as much as anyone laboring under capitalism can. But in a perfect communist world, it wouldn’t exist at all

The Media Obsession with China’s Crackdown on ‘Sissy Men’ Was the Whole Point

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The People Using ‘Leftism’ to Mask Shitty Behavior

It’s become a viral phenomenon: partners who co-opt social justice and anti-capitalism to justify cheating, emotional abuse and plain-weird relationship shit