I Tried a Caviar Bump… Then a Pickle Bump… Then a Hot Cheetos Bump…

I get the fun, naughty appeal of a caviar bump, but not all of us are rich enough to spend $55 on a fish-egg body shot. Thankfully, there are a few other foods you can bump if you’re tax-bracket is ‘Illuminati’

When a Drug Lord’s Dream of a Cocaine Submarine Hit a Bump

According to federal authorities, two men were working on building a drone submarine that could be magnetically attached to the bottom of a container ship — seemingly a perfect plan for smuggling cocaine internationally. That is, until it all fell apart

Congress Needs to Quit the Key Bumps and Start Blowing Rails

Rep. Madison Cawthorn says drugs are rampant on Capitol Hill — but are they rampant enough?

How Cocaine Affects Your Dick

Cocaine can stop even the horniest dick from getting hard. How does it do that, and can it cause permanent damage?