Why Is Snoop Dogg Rooting for a Cop-Loving Capitalist?

Rick Caruso is a billionaire and former Republican who made his fortune in real estate and has promised to ‘fund the police’ while running for L.A. mayor. But why on Earth is South Central’s very own Snoop Dogg endorsing him?

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Incel jargon is seeping into the mainstream, and that’s not good for anybody

The Fire in MLK’s Last Speech

On the night before he was assassinated, Dr. King gave a speech in support of the Memphis sanitation workers’ strike. Directly challenging the systemic oppression of racist capitalism, this is the MLK we should be quoting

Mr Blobby Is the Anti-Capitalist Agent of Chaos Banksy Never Was

Bansky tried to be ‘anti-capitalist’ with his trite, painfully literal spray paint art. But he’ll never do anarchy like Blobby, the mayhem-minded children’s mascot hellbent on destroying the bourgeoise