Million Dollar Fakes: The Lucrative World of Counterfeit Basquiats

A recent FBI investigation has raised questions about the authenticity of 25 paintings alleged to be works of Basquiat. As it turns out, fake Basquiats aren’t uncommon in the fine art market — and they’ve cost trusting customers some serious cash

The TikTokers Giving TV Characters Sick Revenge Bods

Yeah, ‘Breaking Bad’ was great and all, but wouldn’t it have been better if Jesse and Walt hit the gym together to put some meat on their bones?

Everyone Wants an NFT of This Ape’s Big Freaking Balls

Intended to represent a ‘certain idea of freedom cast in bronze,’ the gigantic balls are a big ‘fuck you’ to art that takes itself too seriously. Even so, it’s selling for seriously serious prices

The City That Will Never Stop Riding Hard for Its ‘Boner 4Ever’ Graffiti

Next to the Liberty Bell, the ‘Boner 4Ever / Forever Boner’ Building might be Philly’s most beloved landmark. Which is why locals are outraged that developers want to turn it into a Marriott