Ariana Grande Licking That Donut Was Patriotism

It was only five years ago that a not-yet-radicalized Ariana Grande started a full-on uproar for tonguing a pastry and mocking America. Celebrity scandals aren’t what they used to be

We’re All Florida Now

As the coronavirus spreads, exposing endless national failures, all our red-state jokes and stereotypes have finally come home to roost

When People Say ‘Real Americans,’ Who Do You Picture?

We all know it can suck to be treated like a Black person in America. That’s what we need to fix. So how do we start that honest conversation?

Only Assholes Are Nostalgic for the Day After 9/11

September 12th, 2001, wasn’t defined by ‘unity’ — it was a time of trauma, amplified a thousandfold for citizens perceived as the enemy