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Why Male Weed Thots on Instagram Are MIA, Saying ‘I Do’ on Drugs and Mozart’s Love for All Things Scatological

Call me crazy, but getting hitched on anything stronger than a stiff drink — like the ecstasy Kim Kardashian admitted this week to taking at her first wedding — sounds positively terrifying. I was my brother’s best man, and even standing up to give a toast bone sober is an experience I’d rather not relive.

LSD? I haven’t worked up the courage to drop some in the comfort of my own home, let alone in front of friends and family. Ecstasy would probably cause me to sweat through my clothes, and/or prompt me to confess my undying love to the officiant.

Thankfully, for those of you still on the fence about consumables on your big day, acid-fueled wedding aficionado Miles Klee has all the requisite do’s and dont’s.

Be safe out there.

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The Wedding Trip

Kim Kardashian isn’t the first person to be high as a kite at their own wedding. And, judging by these search results on Twitter, she’s not going to be the last, either:

Kardashian regrets her ecstasy-fueled nuptials; our own Miles Klee, on the other hand, does not regret his acid trip to the altar. So what’s the difference between a fun high and a bad high at your own wedding? Allow Mr. Klee to explain.

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