What It Feels Like When a Dude Nuts Inside of You

‘Every time his cock throbs, my mind's eye pictures fountains.’

As you might have guessed from the title of this article, there are a whole bunch of dudes on the internet who want to know what the sensation of being ejaculated in feels like — at least, according to countless Reddit threads asking that very question: What does it feel like when a guy comes inside you?

To provide some sort of definitive answer for these curious men (and whoever else might be interested), I waded through the descriptive responses in these Reddit threads, written by men and women who’ve been nutted in (sic, obviously, throughout). Here’s what I learned about cum (or is it “come”?) from those who know it best.

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It’s Like Liquid Sunshine…

Commenter fascismforfun responds to the prompt, which again, asks what it feels like when a dude cums inside of you, by describing pleasantly heated goo:

“Depending on his size, the pulsing. I also usually feel the warmth spreading inside me slightly, and I can usually feel like there’s a significant amount more liquid inside of me. I personally really enjoy it. It feels extremely intimate to me. I love sharing that moment with my boyfriend.

“The only downside is after he pulls out, and the clean up after. God, what a mess.”

Like Kryptonite…

Commenter thebarefootfeminist explains that she feels the dick get incredibly stiff when a guy finishes inside of her:

“Love it. In those few seconds of orgasm, it feels like I have literally the world’s hardest object stuffed inside me, and I like knowing I made it that way. Some friends I’ve talked to claim they can’t tell, but I don’t see how that’s possible. It honestly feels like the stiffness increases by twice its power level!”

Like Motherhood…

Commenter lavasca chronicles how being nutted in makes her feel like mother material:

“Physically? It doesn’t feel like anything to me, unless he dribbles on the outside a bit. Feels the same with or without a condom to me.

“Emotionally? Wow, he must really love me and want me to have his baby. I must be really special to him.”

Like Moisture…

Commenter SexualEmo explains that he feels extra damp if the load is super-sized:

“Not that I’m a woman, but it depends on how much the guy cums. If the guy doesn’t cum very much, you don’t really feel it. If the guy cums a lot, it just makes it feel wetter.

“Honestly, I really like being cummed inside, but there are obvious risks associated with it.”

Like Geysers of Liquid…

Commenter lilasianbuttslut explains that being cummed in sends her on a journey through a magical place where nut flows like water:

“I can feel it in the vagina pretty well. It feels just like it sounds, LOL: Shots of liquid hitting the vaginal walls. Mostly, I can feel his cock tighten and pump the cum inside, which the knowledge of is so fucking hot. Every time his cock throbs, my mind’s eye pictures fountains of cum shooting inside, which triggers some kind of submissive turn-on for me… like he’s taking me over, inside and out. He’s making my pussy his by filling it with his seed. Might sound weird, but that’s what it does for me.

“But, in the ass, it feels more like a smooth warmth flowing in. I’m assuming that’s because the rectum has less nerves internally? Unless he’s really horny or hasn’t cum in a few days, and he shoots harder: Then I can feel it squirting inside my ass (which is super, super hot).”

Like True Love…

Commenter FaKeShAdOw describes how being creamed in creates an honest bond between herself and whoever is doing the creaming:


“feels p good, mang.”

Like a Super Soaker…

Commenter Misse-Liten reveals that the sensation of being nutted in really depends on the force of the load:

“I kinda feel it all. First, how hard he gets when he’s close, then the twitching and the actual cum. How much I feel depends on how hard he cums. Sometimes it feels like a water gun, but inside of course. It has the same ‘squirting’ feel to it. Then, it feels warm and wet.”

Like Nothing Much…

Commenter lemonylips writes that she can hardly tell when a dude cums inside of her:

“Honestly, I’m pretty distracted by a guy’s O-face, and his sort of sex-death-throws that he’s going through as he’s cumming, and I’m not super focused on the tiny sensations happening inside my vag.

“At most, I can feel his cock pulsing and maybe some extra warmth.”

Like Fire…

Commenter indiscoverable shares that she feels pain after being cummed in, to which another commenter responds by suggesting that she might be allergic to semen:

“This thread has taught me that I’m definitely in the minority. It just burns really badly for like an hour afterwards, and I have to sit there like a dumbass with an ice pack in my pants.”

Like Pride…

Commenter Batmum writes that being finished in feels like a job well done:

“My man cumming usually makes me cum. I really get off on the fact that I’ve done a good job and my man has found my pussy enjoyable enough that he cums inside of me. It’s a surefire way to get me off.

“With my current BF, I can feel him cum most of the time. I feel a hardening, then a gentle throbbing sensation. I haven’t had that with everyone I’ve slept with, though. But with a few of them I can, especially if it’s a big load.”

Like Enlightenment…

Commenter tajima511 chronicles how being nutted in sends him to his happy place:

“My ex was a HUGE cummer that could often times shoot clear across a room. I felt him cum in me on only a handful of occasions, like actually felt the physical cum shooting in. Also, I did (more frequently, but not always) feel the throbbing of his dick from cumming. Both of these largely depended upon what position we were in.

”So, I guess I’m a bit of an anomaly here. I’ve felt someone cumming in my ass, and holy shit, it’s mind-blowingly fucking amazing. God damn it: I miss that sex.

“Now that I’m all riled up, I’ll be back in a bit. I um, I, heard the dryer buzz… Yeah, that’s it.”

Like Death…

Commenter DeoVeritati explains that… well, I’ll just let this one speak for itself:

“You know that feeling when Scorpion impales your skull with a spear and jersey [?] your head off? I imagine something like that, but in the loins.”


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