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Is Lecithin Really the ‘Holy Grail’ of Semen Boosters?

Anecdotally, it turns you into a fire hydrant. But scientifically, it seems to be nothing more than semen snake oil.

Over the past two years, Meri Mayhem, a 35-year-old Los Angeleno who works in software development, has been undergoing hormone therapy as she transitions. Recently, she also began releasing adult content online and dating polyamorously. Between raising her estrogen levels and ejaculating at a pleasurably frequent rate, concerns over her ability to consistently produce robust loads for her growing number of sexual partners and online fans has ballooned. Her solution: the supplement lecithin.

A fat that’s found in the surface of every cell in the human body, lecithin has been used to treat a range of health issues, from dementia to liver disease and beyond. Also derived from sunflower seeds, soybeans and eggs, it’s often found in skin moisturizers and can be an effective food additive in keeping certain ingredients from separating out. Ask redditors about lecithin, however, and they’ll tell you it’s among the greatest semen boosters of our time.

About a month ago, Mayhem began ingesting 1,200 milligrams of lecithin a day, and so far, those redditors haven’t been wrong. “It [was] definitely effective within a week,” she says, observing that her ejaculate volume improved by roughly 25 percent over that time. When she lowered her estrogen levels the following week — which is normal as her hormones shift often — her cum shot was 50 percent more voluminous.

This wasn’t Mayhem’s first go-round with lecithin either. A year prior, she took a daily dose of the supplement for about two months and says her batch was better after a week’s time back then, too. “I haven’t noticed any negative side effects,” she says. “I actually just picked up more things to take: [more] lecithin, zinc, pygeum and l-arginine.”

The Holy Grail: Lecithin, Zinc, Pygeum and L-arginine

Those four supplements — which are sometimes combined with even more supplements — make up a “stack” that many refer to as the “Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase.” There’s even a single product, with lecithin, zinc and pygeum, marketed as the Holy Grail of Volume. “Do you want to produce more semen volume every time, guaranteed?” the product’s website asks. “Do you wish you could impress the hell out of your partner without wondering what they’ll think about your ejaculate volume? Do you want to finish multiple times a night, every time, with semen volume like you’ve abstained for a week?”

Redditor TuffBrandz, a 36-year-old Washington resident and entrepreneur who asked to be referred to only as “Tuff,” certainly did. He tells me that he takes 1,000 milligrams of lecithin a day for improved nerve function as well as a healthier ejaculate, and so far, he’s been free of side effects as well. He even customized his cum stack: “Lecithin, zinc, Swedish flower pollen, pygeum, celery seed and LOTS OF WATER.”

“I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I’ve noticed the effects, and it definitely thickens it up,” Tuff continues, referring to his ejaculate. The bigger loads he’s producing also assist with orgasmic pleasure as well. “I took that stack for three weeks, and the result was like a multiple orgasm,” Tuff explains. “It was incredible, but clean-up was shameful. I won’t be taking that stack again unless I plan to be sexually active with a partner.”

In the run-up to a planned sexual encounter, “Chris,” a 40-year-old biochemist based on the West Coast who regularly posts about penis and sex issues on Reddit as neuenono, writes via email that he also stacks lecithin, pygeum, zinc and l-lysine, taking the combination daily for three to five days before he plans to cum. “I might up that to twice daily on the day and night before said encounter (but would omit a second dose of zinc),” he says, explaining that too much zinc can be toxic. “I’ve done this three times over the last year and a half, and every time, it’s produced obvious effects.”

That is, he cums a lot more.

It should be noted, of course, that these rave reviews about lecithin are purely anecdotal, and science has yet to back any of them up. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a medical or penile expert of any kind who actually thinks lecithin is a good idea. “I don’t see any evidence to say that it’s going to be helpful for semen production. None,” says Jeffrey Rose, a clinical hypnotist, nutritionist and addiction recovery coach who’s been in practice for a quarter century.

Zinc and Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Sexual Performance

Does he suggest his clients use lecithin for anything, then? Nope — he says he preaches healthy eating instead. So does registered dietician and nutritionist Neron Francis. “There’s a lot of information out there about how it does all these miracle things, but there’s no research to support it,” he explains. “I understand we have a very hectic lifestyle, and most people don’t have time to cook or to prepare proper meals, but there’s lots of evidence that shows that eating real foods definitely is more beneficial than taking supplements on any level.”

Francis adds that health-degrading lifestyle choices like smoking and doing drugs will hurt sexual performance and, potentially, ejaculate volume. Rose says the same about alcohol intake, and observes that consistently good sleep and daily exercise provides all-around health benefits, including better jizz generation.

If a person insists on taking supplements for increasing their load’s load, both Rose and Francis — not to mention science! — suggest zinc and omega-3 fatty acids may help. If anything, lecithin could ultimately prove harmful, as studies have found too much of it in your system can lead to a hardening of arteries.

In other words, lecithin might increase your load, but it’s more likely a load of bullshit.

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