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The Year in MEL — You Know, In Case You Missed It

Another year in the books, y’all, and what a year it was. I’m sure a lot of you would rather pretend 2019 never happened given the state of the political and cultural discourse, but screw all that, because MEL churned out some killer stories, blogs and how-to’s this year, much of which I’ve painstakingly collected for you below — you know, in case you missed them. 

The Most Popular Stories of the Year

The Real-Life Hollywood Hoax That Turned a Fake Bradley Cooper Epic Into a $14 Million Scam

I Was the Captain of the Team That Loses to the Globetrotters Every Night

The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of MSG

Inside the World of Guide Dog Dropouts

An Oral History of LimeWire: The Little App That Changed the Music Industry Forever

The Year in LOLs

Why Do Guys Always Have to Touch the Top of the Doorframe?

How Michael Bolton Elevated the Past 20 Years of Comedy

I Staked Out My Local Domino’s to See Just How Accurate Its Pizza Tracker Is

The Deepest Deep Dive of the Year

The Year in True Crime

The Perfect Irony That ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Film Was Also a Real-Life Scam

Inside the World of Investigators Who Know You’ve Faked Your Death

The FBI Investigator Who Went Undercover to Rescue the Bill of Rights

The Most Touching Story of the Year

The Year in Culture

The ‘Ratio’ Is the Next Great American Sport

The Never-Ending Saga of the Online Wife

When YouTube Red-Pills the Love of Your Life

Guys Are Reporting Women on Tinder for the Crime of Not Being Into Them

The Worst Movie of the Year

Mötley Crüe Is Terrible, and ‘The Dirt’ Is the Biopic They Deserve

The Sexiest Stories of the Year

‘Middle America’ Porn Is on the Rise in Our Bleak Capitalist Hell

My Night at the Country’s Only Legal Alien-Themed Brothel

This Guy Fucked a Dyson Airblade and Lived to Tell the Tale

The Year, Ranked

Ranking Every Type of Sushi by How Healthy It Is

Ranking Vegetables by How Healthy They Are

Ranking Crash Diets by How (Un)Healthy They Are