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The Male Poet Thots of Instagram, What Your High-Tops Say About You and the Year in Landlord Discourse

Sorry for our absence yesterday — we were busy day drinking at Six Flags (no, really). Nothing reminds you of your daily reality of being chained to your desk quite like a roller coaster. Despite being flung around upside down at 70 mph, though, we still managed to put out a considerable number of things to read. The content doesn’t quit, baby! 

Must Read

The Male Poets of Instagram Know What You Think of Them

The Culture Stuff

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The Male Poets of Instagram Know What You Think of Them

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The Year Landlord Discourse Took Over the Web

Racist Character Modding Shakes Up the Pokémon Universe

From the Service Department 

The Super-Common Penis Problem Nobody’s Talking About

I Tried a Posture-Tracking Device to Make Me Less of a Slouching Hobgoblin

Why Does Everyone Seem to Get Sick After Their Wedding?

When to Stop Paying for That Subscription Gift

It’s Ridiculous That Our Phones Still Don’t Work in Crowds

For Your Fashion Consideration 

What Do Your High Tops Say About Your Love Life?