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Sunday Reads: Reflecting on Pride, the Wage Gap Making Health Care That Much Worse and a Day on Thick Water

You know what sounds refreshing on this hot summer day? A nice tall glass of thick water. Allegedly a product for people with disabilities hindering their ability to swallow (that many experts believe doesn’t actually work), thick water is what it sounds like: water, with thickeners. Quinn Myers gave it a try, and, well, the GIFs speak for themselves. 

Must Read

Pride 2020 Was the Protest It Was Always Meant to Be

The Week in Long(ish) Reads

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Women of Action 

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No Stupid Questions

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Scorching Hot Summer Takes

If You Roll Down My Window in the Car for Me, You’re an Asshole

Black Is the Perfect Summer Color

Pour Yourself a Drink

The New York Sour Is My Bittersweet Drink of the Summer

Have Yourself a Picnic

‘Trunk Picnics’ Will Save Your Summer

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…